Keep your eye on TrueNorth to keep from getting lost; use the 5-step road map to find your way to repeatable and sustainable improvement. Though the steps are not necessarily sequential, it is a useful way to think of the change process. You can use the same steps to help navigate through our website to learn about those products and services you think might be most applicable to your situation.

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Discovery and Analyisis

Understand the unique situation of the organization

To avoid flavor-of-the-day syndrome, we often require some degree of Discovery before we launch into any culture or process-changing workshop for new clients. The difference between flavor-of-the-day and a TrueNorth workshop is that the latter sticks, and it does so because we address the needs of an organization rather than simply deliver canned material that may or may not be appropriate. Discovery is so critical for new clients that we discount subsequent workshops to encourage clients to employ Discovery first. Follow the link to more information on Discovery & Analysis tools.


Create a road map for reaching goals & objectives

Knowing where you are and where you want to go are critical, but getting there takes a plan. Companies create many plans: Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Strategic/Long Term Plans, Tactical/Short Term Plans, Capital plans, etc. Few create plans to build or adjust their quality culture. Fewer still successfully bridge disciplines to ensure long lasting cultural change, but those which do can lock in almost permanent gains. Follow the link to more information on Planning.

Team / Culture

“Prepare the soil” to support continual process and product improvement

Why do so many seminars and training sessions fail to effect change? Everyone can recognize a good idea or a should-do or must-do, but how do you work that into your everyday life when few people around you change their demands or expectations? TrueNorth suggests you turn that question around: how can you change everyone’s demands and expectations so the good ideas, the should-do and must-do activities can in fact be done? If you change the expectations – throughout the organization – you can change the outcome. It is easier than it seems. Follow the link to more information on TEAM / CULTURE.


Build specific individual and organizational skills & capabilities

When you’ve got the plan and you’ve got the culture, stay ahead of the competition and the market conditions by teaching or reinforcing specific skills for whole groups of people. Production skills, quality skills, managing skills, Customer Relations skills, problem solving skills… they’re all best learned when learned together so participants can reinforce one another every day on the job. Follow the link to more information on Skill & Knowledge

Process Improvement

Refine, Streamline, VA/VE, Reengineer, Total Quality, Six Sigma, Lean Builder

Continual improvement is the only thing ensuring that today’s advantage remains an advantage tomorrow. The bottom line of Process Improvement is continual improvement. TrueNorth helps your team build processes that cycle back on themselves to identify necessary changes, make the changes, verify the changes, and reevaluate the need for the next generation of changes. No process is done if it doesn’t seek its own improvement. Follow the link to more information on Process Improvement

Testimonial: Plan of Action

Working with Scott Sedam and TrueNorth Development has been one of the most rewarding experiences and cost-effective investments in my career. Scott has a very unique ability to draw from employees the essence of a company's strengths and areas in need of improvement, and then to drill down to what is essential. He cuts right to the most important issues and priorities. He makes the intangible tangible, and you walk away with simple Plans of Action for improvement. His personal talent as a consultant and mentor, coupled with the business tools and tests that his company offers, provides workshops that truly do work, and that you can work with, not just some "pie-in-the-sky" philosophy or a notebook that you put on the shelf.

Scott has the ability to quickly win-over his "students"; winning their trust, and making them feel at ease. It is in this environment that they feel most comfortable, and are willing to open-up, so that you get the most out of all of the participants, not just the usual over-talkative ones. I would vigorously recommend TrueNorth, for operational improvement and strategic planning. He makes serious, challenging issues look simple, understandable and achievable. All participants enjoy his workshops, and walk away feeling that they have accomplished great tasks, anxiously anticipating further successes with the plans for improvement driven out. He instills hope for and belief in accomplishing great things, a unique talent.