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LeanBuilding Blitz™ 8.0

The guiding principles of Lean have transformed every industry they touch. Lean removes waste from systems and processes, and that removes cost.

TrueNorth is so successful in applying these principles to homebuilding that we guarantee results in writing:

Pay us only if we perform.

Call us to learn the results of more than 160 consecutive LeanBuilding Blitz implementations where we average nearly $10,000 per house in identified savings.

Our LeanBlitz processes are scaled to builders of 5 units to 5,000, starter home to high end luxury; there's one sure to fit your need and guaranteed at a multiple of our fee.

LeanBuilding Blitz

   160 Builders

+ 185 'Lean' Implementations

+ 5,500 Suppliers & Trades

= $300+ Million in Savings

Never look at your business the same again. Find out what Lean is all about.

Buying Groups and Associations:
Ask us about our one-day workshop for your members.

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Scott Sedam's Lean Tuesday Blog

Todd Hallett's Lean Tuesday Blog

Suppliers and Trades:
We offer workshops tailored specifically to your business. You will learn to identify and remove wasteful practices to truly partner with your builders.

TrueNorth Training

We are updating our training modules used to educate thousands prior to the industry downturn, and adding more!

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Some Call This:
"An Undocumented Feature"

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If you struggle with cost and knew you had a few thousand dollars of waste designed-in to your product, would you want to ferret it out?

Let us show you where and how to begin.

Plan Better, Build Better

LeanPlan Workout™

TrueNorth has teamed up with Todd Hallett, principal at TK Design & Architecture, to launch a radical new approach to plan reviews. Use our 800 check points gleaned from Lean experience to improve bottom line performance by reducing your cost to build. Eliminate framing/plumbing conflicts, missed intersects, mis-sized rooms for drywall or flooring, and on, and on, and on...

These are not "dumbed down" houses; they are your plans, optimized.

We focus on design-induced waste present in virtually every house, as identified by your own suppliers and trades, and design it out with the help of our 800-point Lean Filter, devised with the input of over 1,700 supplier and trade contractors.

Nobody in this industry can match the input.

LeanPlan Workout™ pays for itself in the first few units built, and will generate additional profit with each unit built therefter.

For a quick overview, click here.

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  • Star Lumber

    “Process & Profit – Bridging the Margin Gap”

    October 26, 2017, Wichita, KS

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